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Chairman 2013-2018 Michael Mullan Michael, a semi-retired Dairy Scientist has a keen interest in all aspects of Natural History. He has written several monographs, and runs (among others) a Dairy Science web-site. Michael has held a number of positions in Cookstown Wildlife Trust over the years,and has been important in reviving the club.
Talks Programme 2018/2019
may be contacted by mobile. 07717732034 or E-mail:
Mark Edgar(Biodiversity Officer for Mid-Ulster Council)
Information on other natural history events.
Send your wildlife records to Cedar. Find records for species recorded in N.Ireland Details on Bumblebee identification can be accessed at this informative web-site. One of our members-Sebastian Graham has set up an interesting and successful web-site on ‘old mills’.Well worth a look. You might be interested in taking part in this scheme. Butterfly Council-Newsletter
E-mail Mark E-mail Mark Bio-diversity Ireland. Bio-diversity Ireland. Located in the heart of Mid-Ulster, the club has some 45 members interested in conservation and promotion of wildlife. We encourage people to join the club and welcome those interested to our meetings. Complete our contact form or talk to a club member.If you live in Mid-Ulster area and have wildlife Information of interest, please use our contact form to pass on your knowledge/information. This will be credited and posted on our web-site .  We are particularly interested in information on sightings of mammals such as Red Squirrels, Otters and Pine Martins .  Thank you for visiting the club's website. Old Mills of N.I. Old Mills of N.I. National plant monitoring scheme. National plant monitoring scheme. Cedar web-site Cedar web-site N.Ireland records N.Ireland records UW Facebook Site UW Facebook Site UW Twitter site UW Twitter site Become a member. Become a member.
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Talks from 7:45pm-approx 9.15pm March-April              Food Technology Building, Loughry College ,Cookstown
Getting to Food Tech. building Getting to Food Tech. building Butterflies in Drum Manor. Butterflies in Drum Manor.
Click for records from 1972 50 years ago,a butterfly garden was established in Drum Manor. In 1972, Dr.Henry Heal surveyed butterflies there, and advised on setting up the ‘Butterfly Garden’ Sebastian Graham forwarded Dr.Heal’s report on ‘Butterflies in Drum Manor’ (link below). Interesting reading-Wood White, Wall and Silver Washed Fritillary were present- now gone.Has Drum deteriorated as a habitat? Henry Heal was an inorganic chemistry lecturer at Q.U.B. A tall gangly man,always with a smile on his face (even when I made lab. mistakes). Thanks to Sebastian for Species 1972.
Silver-washed Fritillary in Drum.
Lissan Wildflowers. Lissan Wildflowers. Biodiversity Ireland Biodiversity Ireland
Butterfly Council N’letter for N.I. Butterfly Council N’letter for N.I.
Ulster Wildlife champions native wildlife in Northern Ireland, working with local people to secure space for nature in countryside, towns, coastlines and seas. Through twin visions of ‘Living Landscapes’ and ‘Living Seas’, they hope to inspire people to champion nature, protect and restore habitats through action and research, to stand up for nature by influencing government policy, and promote health and well-being through enjoyment of the natural environment. UWT has almost 12,000 members whose generosity and commitment are making a real difference for wildlife and wild places here in NI.
Biodiversity Maps Biodiversity Maps
Explore records of all species on the Island of Ireland.
Some statistics: Our Web-site averages around 34,000 hits per month and around 1200 actual visits. About 8% are from G.B.,8% from USA, and European countries 16%. There are visits from Brazil/Greece/Germany and Canada among others.The most popular pages are Aliens/Drum Manor/Local Geology/Wellbrook
R.Irvine 2018

Lecture programme 2018 / 2019




Tuesday 09th Oct. 2018
Environmental issuse of Lough Neagh
Gerry Darby
Saturday 13th Oct. 2018
Nature walk (11am) and lunch(1pm). Loughry Campus and Garden Corner.
Tuesday 13th  Nov. 2018
Pine martins. Beautiful but vicious predator
Michael Stinson
Tuesday 11th Dec. 2018
Wildlife Presentations and Social Evening
Tuesday 8th Jan. 2019
Insects in the garden
Roy Anderson
Tuesday 12th Feb 2019
Puffins and other memorable sea birds.
Shane Wolsey
Tuesday 12th Mar 2019
Amphibian and Natterjack toad conservation in Ireland
Marina Reyne
Tuesday 09 April 2019
Wildlife Presentations & A.G.M.
Outings and reports 2019
Friday 17th May 2019 7:00 pm
Ballinderry River Walk
Sebastian & Sophie
Thursday 06th June 2019 7:00pm
James Johnston’s Farm
Saturday 15th June 2019 9:30am
Ram’s Island Boat 11:00am
Thurs. 27th June 2019 7.00pm
Sat. 6th July 2019 10:00am
Jim Henry ‘Wildwood’
Thurs 24th August 2019
Seaforde Butterfly House
Sat 14th July 2018
Dungannon Brickworks visit
Sat 4th August 2018
Orchids at Lough Beg
Sat 11th Aug 2018
Coach Trip
K’moon Report and pics K’moon Report and pics L. Beg Orchids-report Dung.B’works visit Dung.B’works visit Lough Fea plants Lough Fea plants Walls Garden Report Walls Garden Report S’Hill Report and pics S’Hill Report and pics B’song Report and pics B’song Report and pics
Tuesday 12th March 2019 at 7.45pm Loughry (CAFRE) Room FT2 Amphibian and Natterjack toad conservation in Ireland -Marina Reyne
Pine Martens talk-report
Report and pics on Exploris trip Report and pics on Exploris trip G.D.P.R.Policy G.D.P.R.Policy
Members can download,then complete and return at next meeting.
A few really good photos from a friend..
Slime molds. Slime molds. Invertebrates in gardens-report Puffins & other seabirds-report
SUMMER ACTIVITIES 2019-first look Friday 17th May 7:00 Ballinderry River Walk Thurs 6th June 7:00 James Johnston’s farm Sat 15th June 11:00 Ram’s Island Boat Thurs 27th June 7:00 Roy & Katherine (Killymuck) Sat 6th July 10:00 Jim Henry’s wildwood Sat 3 Aug 10:00 Ballynahone Bog Sat 24 Aug ? Seaforde Butterfly House
Jay at Oxford Island
Alder goblet on Alder catkins-not much noticed.
Our programme 2018-2019. Our programme 2018-2019.