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Cookstown Wildlife Trust
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     Chairman 2013/2014,2015/2016       Michael Mullan      Michael is a semi-retired Dairy Scientist      with a keen interest in all aspects of Natural      History. He has written several monographs,      and runs (among others) a Dairy Science      web-site.      Michael has held a number of positions in      Cookstown Wildlife Trust over the years.
Talks Programme 2016/2017
     Talks  from 7:45pm-approx 9.15pm  March-April              Food Technology Building, Loughry College ,Cookstown
 Tuesday   11th  Oct. 2016        Climate Change,Impact on Agriculture & Wildlife             Jim McAdam.                                                   Saturday  15th  Oct. 2016        Lunch at 1.00pm following outing to An Creggan
   Tuesday   08th  Nov. 2016       Tuesday  13th   Dec.2016
   Tuesday  10th  Jan. 2017    Tuesday  14th  Feb  2017
     Tuesday  14th  Mar.
may be contacted by mobile. 07717732034 or E-mail:
                 Mark Edgar(Biodiversity Officer                                     for Mid-Ulster Council)
             Information on other natural history events.
Irish hares.
                                    Neil Reid.
 Fungi identification.                                                          Mark Wright.
Trees in Ireland-healthy or diseased?.
        Anthony McGeehan
Birds of the ‘Home Place’.
Summer/Autumn Outings                        11th June                                  World of Owls visit                               Leave Cookstown at 10:00am from ASDA Car Park                                                                                                                                      Lunch at Truffles,Randlestown 1:00pm                                                                                                                                      Enter ‘World of Owls at 11:00am                                                                          Visit to Wall’s Garden,                                                                          Waterfoot Rd,Ballymaguigan               Meet at Wall’s Garden at 2:30pm                                               17th June                                  Visit to Killymoomn Castle 7:00pm      Refreshments available.                        26th June                                  Riverfront Hotel,Virginia,Cavan           Briefing on bumblebee monitoring.                                                                         10:00am - 4;00pm                                Interested members contact M.MULLAN,asap.                                                17th Sept                                  Joint  visit with BNFC to                       Members can join-details from Ernie Hunter                                                                          local hatchery and Tullyhogue fort.      
                 Send your wildlife records to Cedar. Find records for species recorded in N.Ireland Details on Bumblebee identification can be accessed at this informative web-site. Visit ‘World of Owls’ web-site. You might be interested in taking part in this.
mammals-Ireland submit your records e-mail Mark Bio-diversity Ireland.
  Fidelma Maher
 Invasive Plants                                                                                     
  Tuesday 11th   April. 2017       A.G.M.
Michael Mullan,our Chairperson is to be congratulated on producing a very fine looking Programme for 2015/2016- copies available from committee.
Located in the heart of Mid-Ulster, the club has some 30 members interested in the conservation and promotion of wildlife. We want to encourage people to join the club and would welcome those interested to come to our club meetings. Complete the contact form or talk to a club member. If you live in Mid-Ulster area and have wildlife Information of interest ,please use our contact form to pass on your knowledge. This will be credited and posted on our web-site .  We would be particularly interested to know of sightings of mammals such as Red Squirrels, Otters and Pine Martins .   Thank you for visiting the club's website. Bees P.R. Hedgehogs P.R. Lough Fea & visit. ‘World of Owls’ ‘World of Owls’. ‘Farming & Biodiversity National plant monitoring scheme.
February 2016 was far and away the hottest February on record for the planet, by a margin that surprised climate scientists who monitor global temperature data. It was also the most anomalously warm month Earth has seen in 135 years of NASA record keeping. The two main causes of global sea-level rise are thermal expansion caused by warming of the oceans (since water expands as it warms) and loss of land-based ice (such as glaciers) due to increased melting. Records and research show that sea level has been rising at a rate of 0.04 to 0.1 inches per year since 1900. Since 1992, new methods of measuring elevation indicate a rate of rise of 0.12 inches per year. - significantly larger than the sea-level rise averaged over the last several thousand years.
‘Sophie at Springhill
Chairman Michael with guest speakers Catherine and Neil at April meeting.
Cedar web-site N.Ireland records
Sperrins Gateway Landscape Partnership Spring Events Programme
  Alistair McCracken
Last seasons talks:
                    Also possible lecture on ‘Recording’,depending on interest.Jackie to organise.
A Great Spotted Woodpecker has been heard and seen imn Drum Manor
                                                      Killymoon Visit - Friday 16th June-thanks to Michael for photos
Thanks to Ernie for arrangements,Michael for report and Jackie for photos.
 June topic.
Each year usually in late May,our pond receives visits from mating Large Red Damselflies (Pyrrhosoma nymphula).The eggs are laid on undersides of floating leaves. No other dragonfly comes to the pond.
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