founded February 1950
Cookstown Wildlife Trust
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     Chairman 2013/2014,2015/2016       Michael Mullan      Michael is a semi-retired Dairy Scientist      with a keen interest in all aspects of Natural      History. He has written several monographs,      and runs (among others) a Dairy Science      web-site.      Michael has held a number of positions in      Cookstown Wildlife Trust over the years.
Talks Programme 2015/2016
Talks  from 7:45pm-approx 9.15pm  March-April              Food Technology Building, Loughry College ,Cookstown     Spring and Summer Outings below.
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 Tuesday   13th Oct. 2015          Hedgehogs-Natural History and rescue     Maureen Graham.                                                   Saturday  17th Oct. 2015          Walk at Parkaneur(11am)                                                                           Lunch 1pm at ‘The Brewers House’       
    Tuesday  10th  Nov. 2015        Tuesday    8th  Dec.2015
   Tuesday  12th  Jan. 2016    Tuesday   9th   Feb 2016
     Tuesday  8th   Mar.
may be contacted by mobile. 07717732034 or E-mail:
                 Mark Edgar(Biodiversity Officer for Mid-Ulster Council)
            Outings 2015-later
       Information on other natural history events.
February-Featured picture.
  Irish bumble and solitary bees.
               Una Fitzpatrick
 Visit to Food Innovation Centre, and  multimedia presentation on Lough Fea.     Ronnie Irvine
 Owl conservation.
        Mike Gibb
Farming and Biodiversity.   Details on Bumblebee identification can be accessed at this informative web-site. Visit ‘World of Owls’ web-site.
mammals-Ireland submit your records e-mail Mark Bio-diversity Ireland. Photographic web-site
  Ruth Ruddell
 Nature Conservation at Springhill               Sophie Atkinson                    
Tuesday 12th April 2016           A.G.M.
Michael Mullan,our Chairperson is to be congratulated on producing a very fine looking Programme for 2015/2016-copies available from committee.
Located in the heart of Mid-Ulster, the club has some 30 members who are interested in the conservation and promotion of wildlife. We want to encourage people to join the club and would encourage those interested to come to club meetings. Complete the contact form or talk to a club member. If you live in the Mid-Ulster area and have wildlife Information of interest , we would be grateful if you could use our contact form to pass on your knowledge. This will be credited and posted on our web-site .  We would be particularly interested to know of sightings of mammals such as Red Squirrels, Otters and Pine Martins .   Thank you for visiting the club's website.
Hedgehog Talk Oct 2016 Bees P.R. Hedgehogs P.R. Lough Fea & visit.
Witches Brooms!!!
Some pics from Michael & Ronnie below.
‘World of Owls’ ‘World of Owls’.
Crowded bunches of shoots on birch trees,commonly known as ’Witches brooms’ are usually caused by a fungus(Taphrina tugida),the fungus enters the tree,causing extra growth instead of a single shoot.The fungus feeds on the extra growth causing little harm to the tree